Have you ever searched on PubMed and wished you could get the PDF right away like on Pubget? Now you can, with one click.

Introducing the Pubget PaperPlane. It works in three easy steps to get you the PDF right away when you're on PubMed

  • Get the PaperPlane: Save it into your toolbar just like a regular bookmark. It will sit there in your toolbar until you're ready to use it.
  • Search just like you're used to in PubMed, and select an abstract page (Don't worry, we'll still be able to get the PDF for you)
  • Click the PaperPlane link: As soon as you click the link, Pubget reads the abstract on the page, opens up a new window, and gets you the PDF right away.

Install PaperPlane

Just drag the plane below to your toolbar!



Click here to watch the video on how this works